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Friday, January 23, 2009

Typographic Poster - Got Wood?? having a cold can be a good thing..cuz it forces you to sit and do nothing..or at least something that doesn't require too much movement ..
so thats what I did..
Chris over at Spooner Graphics gives a great tutorial on how to create a typographic poster..
check it out and give it a try!
although i had troubles trying to space out my words evenly..grrrr.. it was fun..and maybe if i had spent another hour tweaking might just be perfect lol


Designs by CK said...

Hi Sandy ~ Popping in to say hello & FUN typographic poster.

Hope you feel better soon!

PS: LOVE your new banner.

Chris :-)

Carol said...

Cool graphics and super new banner! Feel better soon, babydoll!

suzanne.artist said...

Hello Sam! Unfortunately you didn't win the Twinchie but I will be holding another Twinchie give-a-way contest soon!

Love your blog, LOVE PFATT!

Suznne U.

Brenda said...

Sammie, I think you've earned Creative Genius title by now.. I'm always wondering what you'll think up next!

Could you add me as a follower? I couldn't find a clickable link for some reason..