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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Today's Letter brought to you by..

Tylenol! Thank you Tylenol cold and sinus pills for helping with my head pain!

Other "T" words i like or am thankful for:

"Tim" and "TJ" = "t"wo of my boys

"thunderstorms" - boy how i miss them :(

"turtlenecks" - today would be a good day to wear one.. it SPRINKLED here today! :)

"Tippy" = my kitty

"Tippecanoe" Ave = a street in San Bernadino that i just love saying.. and cuz if it wasn't for this word.."Tippy" the kitty would have some other strange name.

"Truffles" = one word: YUM

"Tampons" = thank the lord for the cotton pony sticks! how you ladies can wear those big honkin pads I'll never know!

"Thumbs" = dogs wish they had them! (and my thumb got me thru many a nites as a child! im fortunate I didn't grow 'buckers')

"Thumper" = my favorite Bambi character.

OK.. now its your turn. Im sure i have plenty more "T" words that i love or am grateful for.. but if I continue on under this 'tylenol induced haze' that Im experiencing.. the list may never end!



Lori said...

OMG!!! you crack me about tomatoes made into yummy salsa...or fried green...yummy!!!

and tickle...i love the pictures i have of my babies madly giggling after being tickled...

Robin said...

Sam did u lay awake last night to dream this stuff up!!!!! LOL ;) a great much can I accomplish today....

Tomorrow....I can finish my project I didn't get finished the day before.

Time....I wish we had more of it...somehow this week went by so fast.

So for now have a super terrific day...I know I will....its not as cold here in Brooksville Florida as it is in other parts of the US TODAY ! ! ! Robin

vintagepaletteart said...

Sam..........I Hope you're feeling better! You must not be though because you've been way too quiet..........=o(

Take care of yourself!

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Fun post! (but sorry you aren't feeling well.)