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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

messages of love...

Remembering Penny..
balloons were sent off to the heavens to let her know we love her and think of her everyday!
The day was perfect.. beautiful blue skies polka-dotted with white fluffy clouds..and a light wind. Just enough wind to send our heavenly messages up into the clouds :)

I also sent a message to my dad, my brother, and Tippy & Honey..

It's still hard to believe they are not with us anymore..and my eyes fill with tears each time that reality sets in..
but i know they are in my heart.. i know they appear in my dreams..and i know they are keeping watch from those white fluffy clouds up in the sky..
Message of Love

I may feel small with this task at hand
The balloon with its message thought

I have great distance to cover and love to bring
To the special angel it sought

Through the clouds this balloon will climb
With its humble message in tow

Only to see the many colors of friends
That also started their trek from below

The colors of red, yellow and green paint the sky
Each carrying a note of love

They float into the arms of an angel
With the softness of a feather from a dove

A tear gently caresses her cheek
And a smile with sunlight falls to us

Be happy our loving friend and know this
No matter the distance we are blessed...
author unknown

as posted on a good friend's blog, Pam Gracia.. "Soft in the Head"


~*~Birdy~*~ said...

This is so ~*~Nice~*~
Hugs Sam~~ Smiles~~ Pam