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Thursday, April 29, 2010

lets get trashed...

Let the FUN begin!!!!
Im heading out later today to my first photoshoot workshop called 'Trash the Dress" that Nick Corona Photography is hosting! I can't wait!

Then tomorrow.. the SoCal Photog Shootout will be held at a ranch/estate in Temecula..and the theme this month is "Cowboy Casanova" (think Carrie Underwood's video)

I'll be here this morning.. nervously twitching.. pacing.. limbering up my trigger finger!


Meri Wiley said...

Hi Sam,

Just want to say "Good Luck" with the photoshoot, and have lot's of fun and don't forget to post piccy's of the outcome!


The French Bear said...

Have fun and take lots of pictures!!!
Margaret B

The Painted Pear Basket said...

Lucky you ! Have fun !!

Lenae May said...

I just read you like Christine Feehan books?! I have discovered them on my sabbatical and can't get away! Have you read the Fever series?
It is a favorite discussion around here with my daughter while waiting for the conclusion of the story with Shadow Fever! Haha