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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Kitty Faces

I love kitties... and i Love taking Pictures of their sweet faces...

( im trying to talk tim into getting another keep your fingers crossed for me ..heheehe)


Shirlee said...

Okay, this is eerie...I just discovered your have two kitties, trying to convince the hubby (I'm assuming)to get a third kitty and his name is Tim. I have two kitties, and trying to convince my husband, named Tim, to let me get a third!
I take a lot of pictures of my felines too, especially when they're sleeping and in some weird position. :)

Sam I Am said...

are you serious?? wow.. how freaky is that??? lol
so far..its a no-go... hubby thinks its just because im ovulating that i feel the need for a kitten lol
but i will keep trying :) I'd love to get a bengal.. they are so pretty!! would love to see your pics too.. do you have a blog?
hey..another weird thing.. your name starts with "S"..and so does mine!!! :) heheheheh

Anonymous said...

LOVE your kitties faces---great pictures!!!! I am a kitty person--we have 2 cats, no children! One day I will have to share my kitty pics with you!