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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Hug Me!!

A picture of my Aunt Jean's dog.. (shih tzu & bichon mix).. He is so cuddly and cute!!!!!


Mica Garbarino said...


He is a cuteie. It must me the Endof The Year of the Dog. Everyone is getting puppies. I added my sisters new blog to my page.And she is into the doggies too !!! Love that Bitchin" Shitzuuuu though!!! Hee Hee Hee.


Shirlee said...

Hi, found my way here thru Nicole's blog, Raggedy Ol Annies. Your anut's dog is such a cutie pie, he looks so happy!
I see you have Penny McAllister in your faves, I love her work too. I'll have to check out the others listed.
Happy New Year! :)

Sam I Am said...

hi mica and shirlee :)
i love 'blogging' :) hehehe
thanks for the comments :)
Happy New Year!!!