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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

fun was had by all...

and saying 'goodbye'..or 'see you next year' always so hard to do when loved ones have to leave :( but I think our moms had a good time here :)
Although this turkey day, we sadly missed my dad and his silly jokes and charming ways.. i feel he was with us the entire time..
we miss you dad.. keep things 'light'..and in keeping with the, my mom and my mother in law went and had a pedicure and came home with fancy toes :)

Mom opted for "pretty in pink"..and my mother in law went with a silvery white snowflake..
I opted for sexy red.. and then when the girl asked me what design I wanted on my toe.. i decided to go with a 'paw print'.. as i am a new puppy mommy and thought it would be cute :)
Not too certain if it looks like a pawprint tho..


vintagepaletteart said... cute! Can I go with ya next time.....50 years old and never had a pedicure before.....sad, but true.

Briar Rabbit Primitives said...

Just stumbled upon your blog & had to say How CUTE your new puppy is! I love APBT's. They are simply the best dogs ever. Best to you & Adora-bull Essa. Starla & the Green Eyed Bully Phil