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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pictures from Phoenix!

Yes..I am behind..way behind.. and I apologize for not being a good blogger this past couple of weeks..
am trying to catch up with pics.. (see my daughters bday pics in the post below)..and just now got around to getting the Zoo pics together in an album.
Hubby had to work while we were in he dropped me off at 10 am one day to enjoy the Zoo at my leisure!! How Exciting :)
I got to snap as many pictures as I wanted..and lollygagged around the zoo at my own pace..and sat and giggled at their funny faces :) It was so fun :)
LOTS of Kids at the zoo.. I think the Phoenix Zoo was voted one of the nation's best Zoo's for Lots of Moms, babies, kids, toddlers, strollers, and commotion! Ahhhh..brought back lots of memories!

On our drive out there..along Rte. 10.. we had the pleasure of driving thru a Dust/Sand/Dirt Storm!!!! WAY COOL!!! It's almost like being in a blizzard..only its BROWN... (ewww..sounds nasty).. But i was very excited! I love braving the 'elements' :)
It's a wonder we have paint left on the car! I did have a fleeting thought of sitting on the roof and experiencing some microdermabrasion..for FREE.. hehehehe
The temps were perfect while we were the mid 80's during the day..and very tolerable!! We lucked out!
We managed to make it into town and enjoyed Dinner at "My Big Fat Greek Restaurant". Voted Best Greek Restaurant for the past 4 yrs! It was SOOOO GOOD! Oh my word! We shared a plate of Stuffed peppers, pizza sticks..and salad..and it was allll just sooo good! If you must treat yourself to the Pomogranite Mojito... YUMMM!!!

The rest of the time was spent schmoozing with salespeople that Tim works with.. a great bunch of guys...funny..warm, welcoming.. we immediately hit it off!

I hope to hit the shops the next time I go.. and would love to visit the Ghost town in Apache Junction the next time too. So if anyone can recommend places to go/see ..I'd love to hear them!


Cindy Dean said...

You took some GREAT pictures. Sounds like an awesome trip. Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog. I appreciate it!

Azul Valentina said...

I LOVE your pictures, and the slideshow is amazing!

Designs by CK said...

GREAT pictures Sandy!

That dust storm heading out looked FUN! '-)

FUN baboon pics...I love baboons!

Have a great week!

Chris :-D) said...

Your pictures NEVER dissapoint! Just BEAUTIFUL!
Thanks for stoppy by! xoxoxo

You are WELCOME, ANY TIME! Ü I would LOVE that! We could chill in the warm sunshine all day, and then warm by the bonfire in the evenings while we roast marshmellows! I even have CHOCOLATE! come on over! Ü
I am so lucky! I love the place that i live in - cept when it is 111 out, or 19. Ü You know... we got it all! lol but the fall is BEAUTIFUL!

Bonnie said...

Love the pictures of all the beautiful animals...great shots!!! As I have said before, you inspire me to work harder to take better pictures with my camera. I am learning to take it with me all the time now.