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Monday, July 21, 2008

a Fun Nite

Tim and I decided to 'escape' from our lil world and travel to Universal Studios for the nite last friday...

ahhhh...i love little surprise getaways that require you to hurry and pack..and hope ta-god you've remembered your toothbrush!

Even tho he had to work a wee little bit.. (does this look like 'work'??? pfftt.. i wish i had it so easy!)
We got to wander around Universal walk..and get caught up in all of the excitement and entertainment going on!

The first entertaining bit we caught..were these exceptionally TALL girls on stilts.. wearing just the neatest outfits!! (I love stripes..and think i need to make this my Halloween outfit for this year!)
ahhh to be tall and skinny...

another halloween costumer i MUST have.. my black matrix-cat outfit..

Then THIS guy.. reminds me of the Plague Doctor..
The view from our hotel room..looking down on Universal Studios..

waiting for tim to get off the phone..

more Stilt Girl shots:

Breakfast in Bed anyone??

some cute kids watching the entertainment..

man? or woman? decide

last but not least.. a big ol comfy bed filled with pillows and topped with a 'snack tray' consisting of a pear, apples, an orange, dried fruit, bananas, M&M's and Oreos!!! YUM!!


Sandra Evertson said...

Really Stunning photos!
Sandra Evertson

Designs by CK said...

Hope you had a great time!

GREAT pics...LOVE the stilt-walker in B&W...go figure???!!! Hehe '-)

Have a great week Sandy!

Chris :-)

~Kammie~ said...

how fun! year before last we went to Disneyland for Valentine's and it was fun! you have to be a kid once in awhile!

you two always seem to have fun together not to mention just the fact that you do go places is great! wish my dh would do that once in awhile--I can't even get him to take one vacation a year--lucky if it's a long weekend.

great pics as usual! and you are too cute!!!!

LOVE the new blog banner--where was that picture taken???? looks very cool!

Lori said...

ok, honestly...i don't even know what this post is about because i was stopped in my tracks by your arms!!! do you lift weights? they are gorgeous!!! *jealous* said...

Just BEAUTIFUL! and what FUN to just be able to get away. Your photos are breathtakingly beautifuL!
Thank you too for taking a quick stop over at my blog.
xoxoxo!!! said...

Thanks for all your visits!
and... thanks for the new recommdations for new readings! I will have to check out your suggestions! I have REALLY loved this (Twilight) searies so far! I imagine that it is only going to get better as i get further into it! The newest one comes out August 2nd. I can't wait!
Thank you again!

Doreen said...

How fun & what great photo's....those gals on stilts were very cool..and you are right,...i could not tell whether that was a man or a woman in that photo.

My favorite photo....the bed I just love that one!


Jeannene said...

I am so in "awe" of your pictures!! I want you take pictures of my little!!

Love the stilt walkers...very pretty!! Hey come on over I did a post you will me, but you have to read all the way through it has to do with our jeep??!


Ragamuffin Gal said...

Gotta love the stilt gals!