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Monday, April 14, 2008

too hot to work....

...yesterday it was 100 degrees outside..
today.. in the 90's. just too hot to work too all i managed to do today was vacuum and mop the kitchen floor.. laundry..strip bedding and then was able to plunk down and play with some photos:
Iva purchased this beautiful bouquet at the Alameda flea market...and the Piano was in the house we stayed in for Pfatt I just had to take their picture :)

This old Red truck was also on the property where we stayed..and it begged me to come closer:

and an old doll i purchased at the flea market..


CraBBy GaBBy said...

Sandy, Your photography is so amazing..I love looking at your pics so much!! ps, we had snowflurries is cold!

HippieDog said...

It's snowing here Sandy! lol OMG! I love your favorite yet.....just lovely :) xo

Becky said...

Sandy, your new pictures and your new banner is lovely. I really love that picture. So pretty.


vintagepaletteart said...

Your photography skills are outstanding Sam! You ROCK!

Hugs! *Nana
p.s. Have fun camping!

Dolly said...

Its a whopping 60 degrees here today! Not the warmest but I have the doors opened because I am in need of fresh air.... I want to fill the house with fresh air! Still waiting for spring to arrive!!!

Oh Sam I am green eggs and ham....I love the pictures....and that new banner is precious!

Have a fun day,
Hugz, Dolly

Dolly said...

Ouuu Sam I am green eggs and ham,
I love the pictures!
There is just something about an old rusted truck in a field that is magical and beautiful to me!

Its a whopping 60 degrees here today...... not the warmest but I do have the doors opened to welcome in the fresh air!
Hurry Spring!!!!

Hugz, Dolly

Dolly said...

OOPS sorry for the double post!

I walked away and did'nt know if the first one went thru or not!

My bad!

More hugz,

Mary said...

Wow, such awesome photography! I love to come here and drink it the amazing beauty!


Designs by CK said...

Lovely photos! :)


Cindy Dean said...

You take such amazing photos. I am glad it's not that hot here in Vegas! I would have to go jump in my pool!