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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Is it Time yet??

anyone else feeling this way so soon?? I feel like getting my tree and all of my decorations out already and its not even turkey day!!

Im itchin' to start!!

So is Tippy!!


BECKY said...

Sandy, I am so there. I have been at the shop I work at, Portobello Road all day and all we've been doing is decorating for Christmas and it is really putting me in the mood. It is so festive in there now. I will post pictures soon you can come see.


Sherry said...

I can hang on for a little longer...I think the difference is that we have our Thanksgiving in early October and you have your's at the end of November and Thanksgiving and Chritmas being so close together, you can't help but think about one right after the other. In a few weeks I know I'll be getting antsy!!

Dolly said...

I'm with you Tippy

"Bring ooooooon Christmas"......

Hugz, Dolly

Pearl Maple said...

Tippy looks like a kitty just itch’n for that tree to go up, oh the joys of patting the baubles on the tree to see how far you can swing them before they come off and then running up inside the tree to hide out like a little furry decoration

Naturegirl said...

Tippy is gorgeous!! I am the boxes up out of the dark dusty basement! Oh how curious the girls are! hugs NG

Lori said...

there's that little cutie!!! you are a bad mommy Sandy, we haven't seen pictures of this sweet guy in forever:) oh boy!!! i hope he's not a tree climber like mr. you even want to know how many of my glass ornaments that little stinker has broken...i really don't think you do...our tree goes up LAST MINUTE!!!

Sherry said...

Sandra, tried to send you an email but couldn't get it to work...anyway, I've linked you to me...happy to do so..thanks for linking me!!

Eccentricities Studio said...

Oh goodness ... how CUTE is Tippy with that garland?!?! I'm *almost* there ... we plan to do our decorating next week Saturday. It's kind of our family tradition to decorate the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I was able to get the most wonderful velvet stockings this year ... with each of our names embroidered on them. I can't wait to see all 9 of them hung across the mantel!!! :)

It's ALMOST TIME!!! ;)

Have a great weekend,

Diane Duda said...

Ready? I feel like I'm behind already!

shirley said...

I am just about there now if this weather would cooperate!

Hey team breakfast in the morning if you have nothing better to do, LOL!

Love the Tippy pictures!!

Mary Isabella said...

Tippy is so adorable and looks so ready for Christmas. Blessings Mary

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi Sandy! Yes, I am getting itchy, too! Tippy is adorable!!! Hey, stop by my blog today ~~ you won my giveaway!!!!!!! Congrats!!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi again!!! I am so glad that you are happy for winning! Just email me your address so that I can send your bundle of CHEER your way! You are so cute!!!! I am still laughing at what you wrote, however I am hoping that there was nothing too serious that happened this week that was sad for you. Hugs to you, sweet Sandy!


CCs Whimsies said...

Look at our little Tippy.... looking oh, so grown up... Well, I'm starting to feel a little jingle bell in my belfry. Hopefully, remodeling goes well this week and the Christmas decor will emerge from the basement..

bj said...

Me, too...I can hardly wait to get to Christmas!!
CONGRATULATIONS on winning that fabulous stash, by the way!! I WANTED IT but.....well, I am happy that you got it!!

Anonymous said...

Your cat is so sweet. What great photos. You are the photo queen. Have a nice Thanksgiving. Love and hugs...Iva

DesignsbyCK said...

Hi Sandy, I already started and put two trees up this past weekend...I know...not showing off...THE ITCH got me while I was putting the Halloween decorations away!! LOL '-)

Tippy is cute!


DesignsbyCK said...

Hey Sandy! My eBay ID is: designsbyck

Bid, bid!!! LOL '-)

I'll be RIGHT OVER on the tree help! hehe


Kerry and Rachel said...

I think I am ready too. I was very bah humbug, and then the bug bit me. :) Ready for the holidays!

Mosaic*Queen said...

Hey SAndy!
Thanks for stopping by!!
I've also been feeling like jumping right into Christmas. Matter of fact, I wanted to put up Christmas decorations the day after Halloween and just skip Thanksgiving. The hubby was not too keen on the idea :-(
Have a Good One!