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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

..more objets d'art...

.... i keep hearing that "Tiny Bubbles" song play thru my mind :)
More Objets d' promised..
a larger 'bubble' with your choice of initial.. featuring two vintage kids.. backed with various scrapbook paper.
A black Initial on a 'wood block'.. hand soldered..and polished..and comes with a 24 inch ball chain.
Email to purchase or ask questions..
$16 will come giftwrapped
Please add $2 for shipping (first class)


click twice on the arrow to enjoy the sounds of Don Ho:


Today's found beauty in my yard..
a little leaf.. still wearing the morning's dew drops.. rests on an old weathered bench..
this leaf pretty much sums up my week.
feeling fragile.
on the edge of tears.
emotionally delicate.
a drift.
a long way from home.
showing signs of wear.
holding it all in.
letting go.

"It is only when we silent the blaring sounds of our daily
existence that we can finally hear the whispers of truth that life reveals to
us, as it stands knocking on the doorsteps of our hearts."
~K.T. Jong


BECKY said...

So sweet. Love your "tiny bubbles"
And isn't it amazing what a beautiful picture a simple leaf can be? You've got a great eye Sandy.


Loudlife said...

I just love your photographs. Love the ones you took of your friend's garden and the canned goods pic. (and the rest, too!)

It's been a while since I stopped by. I don't know where my time goes! Anyway, I just found out today that you were at Art n Soul! Just 3 hours south of me. I am green with envy. I can't wait 'til my girl is old enough for me to go to some of these retreats. Your work turned out beautifully! And can I tell you, I was shocked to see that picture of Sally Jean! I was sure she was at least 20 years older than she appears to be in that picture. Shows I should never assume anything...

Glad you're not in the line of fire down there. It's a sad thing.


Lori said...

Sandy, i just love your tiny bubbles! this one is so very sweet!!! and sadly i am OUT of fun money:( i don't think i am up to Don Ho this morning, so i am skipping that:) your leaf pictures are stunning!!

vintagepaletteart said...

Sam............I love my charm that you made me! These are amazing and I think that EVERYONE should treat themselves to one! =o)

Hugs! ~Nana

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi Sandy - Can you please email me at
I would like to order a necklace from you with the letter S.

Kind regards,

barbara burkard said...

i found your blog thru Joy! beautiful photography and art!