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Monday, September 24, 2007

a time for gathering...


what a great weekend it was!

the kids were all home yesterday so that we could celebrate tim's birthday (22nd) and mine(25th)...

it was so nice to have them all gathered in the family room..sprawled out on couches..watching the football games.. gathered around the dinner table feasting on chicken, steak and shrimp kabobs..

it was so nice having them all gathered around the kitchen island for cake :)

ahhh.. yes..

life is good :)


Disgusted Cats said...

Awwww, your birthday is tomorrow!!!!!!!!! Let me be the first one to wish you a Happy Birthday in the comment box, then!!!! Hope you have a lovely day tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. LOL. I think you are the only one brave enough to do so on a regular basis! Who can blame the rest?!!!
HAHAHAHAHAHA Love ya! Joanne

franswazz said...

Felicitations on your birthday, Sam.
In case you do not know it means congratulations in French (I am French).
You are a lovely young lady and Soooo sweet to leave a comment on my blog.
I have bookmarked yours so that I can come back.
I will take Misty Mawn's alter ego workshop after 2 days with Ann Bagby.
Hope we will meet! Wow, it's so soonnnn..... HUG

Diane Duda said...

At first I thought Tim was turning 22 and you 25.
Well whatever age...Happy Birthday!
Glad you had a wonderful, family-filled weekend!

Dana said...

Happy Belated Birthday Sandy!!!

So how many 25th birthdays have you had now? LOLOLOL!!!

Whatever your age ... hope you had a FANTASTIC day and were spoiled rotten! ;o)