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Monday, August 20, 2007

Tippy on Flickr!

ok..for those of you who just can't get enough of cute kitty pics.. I've posted Tippy's pics in my flickr acct..

Maybe one day I can finally organize allll of my thousands of pictures...
i just need to grow another set of arms from my back and I'll be all set :)


Jeannene said...

I loved watching your flicker of Capt. Tippy!!" Looks like in one of those pictures, you were driving through the Mojove, Desert. I just got back from there..any how, you have such a lovely talent in photography. Wish you could take some pictures of my (kitty) not shown yet..because I am bad at taking pictures...LOL!!!


Sylvia Anderson said...

I'm lovin' all of the new Tippy pics!! He sure is a cutie pie, and don't kittens have so much energy?? Where do they get it all! Sounds like you have a relaxing time on your vacation....the scenery looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing pics with us!