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Sunday, August 26, 2007

need one???

need a special, sweet, charming one of a kind blog banner to give your blog that personal touch that says..'this blog is mine.. this is my style.. this is what i love.. this is what makes me smile..this is my space and life is good' sort of banner???

email me.. i'll whip one up for you :)

(sorry.. picture above was thrown in to get your attention)


Jackie said...

Oh la la...he is a hottie. Thanks for the eye candy...or should I say man candy! Your art and banner are eye candy too!! Have a great day! jackie

Jeannene said...

"This is too funny and very "HOT"...but could I put my hubby's picture there instead..LOL!!

"Love This!!"


Disgusted Cats said...

HAHAHA, NO!! NO!! NO!!! Ya can't put any other hottie in there except Mirek, right Sandy? LOL

Hee hee hee, they need to see the rest of his pictures!