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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Headin' North...

...headin' up the road tomorrow..stopping in Mammoth..and then on to Tahoe for a few days of relaxing, picturetaking, wine-drinking, giggling, hiking, and S'mores!! :)

But before we take off..

I'd like to thank all of those lovely ladies that have 'awarded' me with this "Rocker Girl" award..and a "Nice Award'...i am truly honored :)

This whole blogging thing is so fun..and such a fun way to meet lots of talented ladies out there :) There's so much comraderie here...makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.. :) (reminder to self.. shave legs!)

Off to pack now..and get groceries..

See you all in a week!!! :)

I leave you with pictures of Capt. Tippy who so graciously posed for me just after waking from a nap...


Shirley said...

Wow, Sandy! Another vacation! Have a wonderful time! Is Tippy traeling with you this time?

Congrats on the Rocker girl blog!!!

LOVE the pictures of Capt. Tippy!!!

Dana said...

Hi Sandy!! Enjoy your trip ... hope you have a great time. And look at that little chap. He's going to be quite the ham ... and he knows JUST how to cheese the camera now, doesn't he? LOL!

Say ... I nominated you for the Rockin' Girl Blog ... I love your blog and your photography/art. :o) Have fun if you decide to play along.


Elaine Thomas said...

Hello Sandy,

Have a wonderful trip and when you get back you have another Nice Award. You a special girl.


Lori said...

have a wonderful time on your trip...your kitty is getting big already!!! he is so very cute!!!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Thanks so much for the darling Kitty pictures...hope you have fun on your vacation, I will come back and read more post...this looks like such a fun blog!

The Ballard Family Adventures said...

Thanks for stopping by my site, as you can tell this is maden voyage into the world of BLOG!!! Doreen is encouraging me to write, a journal so to speak of our travels. I have however encountered many problems with it. The first is trying to figure out how to load all my photo's "lessons begin Fri. at Vermont Bears An Primitives studio on that issue" and then there is the fact that now we are travling so much I have had little time to catch up .The new lap-top should help with that. The picture of the lake you ased about is the Saranac behind Paul Smith college, were our Jennalee will be attending in a few weeks . I bet yuor daughter spent time on the lake here. Love the photo's of your precious pet ,we have a peekachoo who is a baby to us . Thanks again for stopping by. Donna

Jeannene said...

"I will sure miss you Sandy"...once again, your coming toward my "neck of the woods!!" Hope you guys have a blast!!

PS...(i have a little mate for Capt. pun intended..get it Capt./mate...LOL!!)


Disgusted Cats said...

Oh fer cryin' out loud! Could this kitty be any cuter??? Maybe it's just that you are such a talented photographer! I think you need to create a Captain Tippy book.