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Monday, August 27, 2007

Elements Photo Week

Shari at the GlassDoorKnob is having a Natural Elements photo blog week..and i've decided to play along.
Her blog is much eye candy..such great links.. i think i may just sit here all day and read thru it :)

Here is the schedule..

This photo was taken yesterday..after a MUCH needed rain! I woke up yesterday morning and proceeded with my usual morning chores.. (feed the cats.. scoop out the kitty box.. grab coffee..take dog out..not necessarily in that order..)

While waiting for Honey to find the perfect spot in the yard to shake the dew off her lily.. I noticed the gloomy, dark looking sky towards the east! My heart began to thump..and twitch as the possibility of having a good rain storm made its way thru my foggy brain!

I soooooo miss the crazy, unexpected western NY weather.. the awesome thunderstorms that struck..the hail..the Downpours where you have to pull off the road because you can't see the hood on the car..the craZy snowstorms (thank you lake erie and lake ontario for your craZy lake effect snow!) Yep..I miss that stuff. :(

The last time we saw rain was in February. Oh wait. There were about 12 drops of rain in our driveway last month. You could smell the rain somewhere .. but i think it evaporated before it hit :(

Because sunny southern california holds true to its name.. whenever there is ANY chance of weather heart does a little flutter with excitement..and my mood is Instantly LiFTed :)

I brought Honey back inside.. grabbed my coffee..and went back out to sit next to Tim at the patio table to discuss our chances of any precip actually making it to us.

About a half hour later.. it DID. It really really DID make a show..and we were doused with a lovely rain :) And we were even blessed with rumbles of thunder..and a Bright crack of lightning!!!!

Most people run for cover when the rain starts.. but this chick stayed out.. took a couple of pictures of it..and let it grace my cheeks and lashes. Almost like a re-baptizing from the heavens above :)

Ahhhhhh yesssss... nothing more refreshing than a good rain.. to clear the wash away yesterdays clutter... ahhhhhh yessssssss....

Ohhh happy day :)


Lori said...

your picture is lovely...i am glad you enjoyed your rain...had i only known you missed it so, i would have sent you some of NE Ohio's finest :)

annie said...

beautifully said...and photo is wonderful.

platinum blonde said...


vintagepaletteart said...

You silly little rabbit.................=oD You make me laugh! Love your pics of the raindrops in the pool and can't wait to see what else you come up with the rest of the days this week!