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Friday, June 22, 2007


Man.. these past couple of weeks have been a roller coaster ride of emotions!! 3 of my good friends have lost family members: Joanne lost her Mom.. Christy lost her Dad..and Iva lost her beautiful daughter, Brianna :(

It's been very hard to celebrate the birthdays this month..Father's day..and my son's graduation because of the terrible losses my friends have experienced. Life isn't fair somedays..and the heaviness in our hearts and the loss of words makes this chicky want to go run and hide and become a 'mushroom' from the heartache.

My sympathies go to these families..I so wish I could have been there in person for them.. to hug them.. to hold a hand.. to help wipe a tear.. or to just sit and do nothing with. I love you all..and hold you in my prayers and heart til we can all get thru this without being weapy.

Please take a moment to visit their blogs and post a comment..and maybe we can help stop some of the heaviness and sadness by joining together to offer a kind word or a giggle.


On a lighter note...Im happy to report that all the birthdays, parties, and events went off without a hitch..and everyone was happy and content!

My baby has graduated high school and is now a legal adult of 18 yrs old!!

My life time supply of L'oreal Hair coloring should be arriving soon...along with a case of Tequila and salt ;)

My Dad celebrated his 77th birthday while here in California..and we surprised him with a HUGE chunk of Strawberry Shortcake while dining at Kelsey's restaurant (where my oldest works).. it was VERY Yummy..and Dad somehow managed to eat all of his share!! Tim even managed to get me and my mom to try Calamari for the first time..and we liked it!!!!! :)

Murrieta Valley's graduating class this year was much smaller than when my daughter graduated (over a thousand kids).. this year was a manageable size of 600something..and surprisingly..the ceremony was over in an hour and a half!!!

It was a bittersweet moment.. taking me back to TJ's first day of Nursery school and thinking.."my God..where did the time go??? and when did he get so grown up???"
I am positive that he will continue down the right path..and grow to be an amazing man who I will be proud to call my 'baby' :)

The graduation party was fun filled...or should i say 'Bubble filled'???? as our hottub and pool quickly turned into a Giant Bubble Bath!!! The kids all had a good time..and came out squeaky clean... so no harm done! lol

Tj and Sara sharing a quiet moment:

I was sad to see my mother in law go home on monday (my vodka-drinking buddy lol)... and then my folks left on wednesday :(

The house is once again quiet.. and the trips to the Ice cream shop with Dad are no more :( But the memories, laughter, hugs and good times we had will be forever etched in our minds and hearts.


Jackie said...

I'm sorry for your losses. I will say a prayer for you and your friends at this difficult time. Take care, Jackie

Kingfisher Farm said...

Glad you had a good time with your precious folks and family Sandy!!! Hugs, Pam

Pea said...

I had heard the news about the losses except for Joanna's. Poor dears. I have them all in my prayers.
Okay question? What were ya 4 when you gave birth to those babies? Geeeze you barely look old enough to drive. NO FAIR!! to the rest of old hags.
Lucky you again you can find your hair color in the super market. They don't market orange in a bottle. Drats! LOL
My youngest son is a T.J. some call him Ty and some tyler and T.J. as well. Handsome fella of yours. Isn't it bittersweet when they grow up?
My son is getting married. One day at a time and a little spiked punch will get me through it! LOL
Have a good one and I put you in my prayers as well sweetie.
I need to email you later with another question on my photography.

CCs Whimsies said...

Love ya Pixie! You had fun... and that is very important!!! Good times... that is what life's about! Crusty

Lori said...

sound like you had a great time with your family!!! you are as cute as a button and i cannot believe that an 18~year~old is your baby...what's your secret girl??? your son is very handsome...
so very sad about your friends losses...esp the loss of Iva's beautiful daughter...that one really breaks my heart...

Dana said...

WOW you have had a very full plate the past month!!!

Your son is such a handsome young man ... congrats to him on his graduation and turning 18! Woo Woo!

I'm LOVING that HUGE piece of strawberry shortcake. Oh YUM ... drool ... ;)

Take care of yourself ... and have some Tequila for me ... *giggle*


Rabbit Hill Creations said...

Hi Sandy, its been very heartbreaking to hear about all the losses. My heart goes out to Iva, Christy and Joanne...what a month huh? glad your back blogging again, missed ya. Love the pictures & your new banner.

Sharon at American Harvest said...

Sandy, glad to hear that you had fun at all of your parties. Looks like your kids had some good, clean fun in the pool! The sad times in our lives make the joyful times even sweeter. I hope that Joanne, Christy and Iva find peace in the memories of their loved ones. What a good friend they have in you.
Sharon at American Harvest