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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

New Etsy Items

Well...a good friend talked me into scanning in my old photos i have..and am having fun playing with them.
Now if I could just managed to focus and make myself sit to play with them..then i'd be all set! lol
So I've listed a couple on my Etsy shop.. and hoping the money i make from them will help me get to Portland in October for the workshops we will be taking :) :) :) ( I need plane ticket money!!!!!!)


and just some pics i took... i was bored...


CARole said...

Hi Sam, I am a friend of Pam and I have heard her speak of you, so I thought I would introduce myself. My name is Carole and I have a website where you can view over 200 photos I have taken. I also have a country store where I sell antiques and collectables. I wanted to tell you how much i like your photos, especially the mason jar. I love to photograph those kinds of things. To me they are beautiful. The rose is lovely.

Lori said...

your images are wonderful, and i just purchased two...i can only see the rose pic, it is gorgeous!!!

Mystele said...

Wow. Wish U could claim that my boredom produces anything half as wonderful as your photos!

Wendy said...

ooohhh nice work Sandy! That workshop looks like it will be lots of fun...too bad it wasn't a bit closer for me.

Sylvia Anderson said...

Beautiful photo's as always have such a wonderful eye to capture the beauty in everyday things. :)

I was so close to signing up for the retreat, but I couldn't work it out with previous obligations, so hopefully next year. I know you'll have a fabulous time there!!

jeannene said...

"You are Sooo darn Talented!!''

I love all your work, and pictures when your "bored!!" That picture at the very top, that would be such a lovely banner, are just tooo creative.

Have such a lovely 4th of July and hope to catch up with everyone when we return for our vacation:=)!!


The Polka Dot Pixie said...

YOu are amazing Sandy!!!! The photos are wonderful! I am off to see more in your Etsy shop now :-)

BECKY said...

Love blue mason ball jars, don't you. I fill them with all sorts of things around the house. And when the Deer ate up my roses bushes, I went out and bought a new one, white roses this time. Can't wait to see my first new buds.
Thanks for sharing all the lovely pic's.