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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My Little Girl

We're heading into Hollywood tomorrow to visit Sara at culinary school :) Her class is making 'breakfast' for friends and family..and we will get to see her in action and taste what they have all prepared :) I soooo can't wait!!!!
She LOVES cooking..and over the weekend, she came home and cooked a feast for us! Im so proud of her..and so happy that she's loving what she's doing!
See you tomorrow night, Sara!


Mica said...

She is a very pretty girl Sammie. You've done good!!!!


ShoezyCakes said...

Wow, beautiful and a great cook! You must be very proud!! What a neat thing, for them to cook for friends and family, I bet it will be yummy!!

annax said...

What a wonderful post!! It just made me smile!
She so reminded me of my 10 year old son Luka, who loves to cook, too!
You must be so very very proud!!